We will aim to contact you the same day and arrange a time to discuss your issues. This can be done by phone or email but we understand that for some people face-to-face contact will be important. You will, after all, be talking about issues that are very personal and private. For this reason, we offer to meet with you in your home at a time that suits you. The consultation can last up to an hour and you will be asked questions such as: the age of the child, family composition, presenting issues, known risks, etc. At the end of the consultation you will be advised about different support options that the consultant feels would be appropriate. There is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and for payments options to be discussed. At the end of this free consultation you are under no obligation to continue with the service should you decide it’s not for you. That is our guarantee.
Absolutely! It is difficult to know what you can expect from schools and if the level of support provided is pitched at the right level to enable your child to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing so they can go on to achieve their social and academic potential.  We understand the importance of school in building your young person’s identity which is why we will liaise closely with education services. Meeting with the appropriate professionals, from pastoral care teachers to educational psychologists is a key feature of our service and we can arrange and attend these meetings on your behalf or at your side, if you prefer.
It is easier to build from what is going well within a family – identifying key strengths and protective factors – than allow problems to dominate.  It is the consultant’s job to shift parents’ energy to becoming more solution focused.   At Your Family Matters the focus is on empowering caregivers to solve current and future problems.  We coach parents on how to successfully interrupt negative patterns of behaviour and teach new techniques to manage conflict and achieve positive results.
Evidence shows that families are more likely to revert to type and exhibit real behaviours when they are in their own environment. They are also more likely to open up and talk about issues that affect them. As well as good solid science there is also the very practical reason that as you juggle jobs and caring roles this may be the only way that you can make the time to get the help you are looking for. Our hours of business reflect this by including evening and weekend availability. Finally, bringing help into your home advocates transparency and sends a clear message to those you love that you value your family and are prepared to do what it takes to make your family stronger.
Yes. We currently deliver talks in varieties of settings including schools, social work settings, mother and toddler groups, and other forums affecting parents. As well as promoting positive parenting, we also offer issue based talks such as: internet safety, risk taking behaviours, bullying, and autistic spectrum disorders. Please contact us for more information about booking a talk or course.
Yes we do. We understand that you want the best for your family and that making a commitment to get help and support requires a financial cost. We will give you a 10% discount when you book 6 sessions and a 15% discount when booking 10 sessions.