Case Study 1

My son who has ADHD had been very problematic over the last seven years.  This had affected both our lives dramatically and I needed support and advice from someone who understood my situation.  I wanted to get advice on how to deal with my son as positively as I could and learn better strategies to help both of us function well together.  From the first session I felt a sense of relief that I could confide in someone that totally understood the background of ADHD and I felt stronger through the week as I had support.  Now I understand my son’s behaviour better and I felt more confident in myself as I was being re-assured that I was doing my best as a mum.  This confidence kept me going from week to week.  As well as written information I was encouraged to continue the way I was doing with new strategies.  By simply “being there” was an incredible help.

Case Study 2

I was worried about my daughter’s progress in school. I was concerned that it might be dyslexia but I wasn’t confident to speak to the school about my concerns. I expected to get help from Your Family Matters to speak to the teachers and find out if my daughter had dyslexia. Working with you I was totally relieved that you knew what to say and dealt with the teachers. You got my daughter more support and attention. Anne-Frances explained things to me to help. The school started to keep me informed and communicated more with me. Anne-Frances helped my daughter to focus more on school. She encouraged me not to give up (with the school) and now I spend more time with my daughter and can talk more with her about school and how she is getting on. I’m happy to recommend Anne-Frances to other people as she really understands kids’ problems